Monday, December 14, 2009, 3:51 PM

Privacy Updates in the 111th Congress and How Your Business May Be Affected

Although most of the public attention in Washington is on health care reform, elected officials also are considering important reforms in the area of privacy legislation. These proposed changes could affect such areas important to businesses as privacy breach notification, cybersecurity, health privacy, identity theft, and data transfers.

Womble Carlyle attorney Danielle Benoit writes about this pending legislation in the current issue of "Focus on WMACCA," the official newsletter of the Washington Metropolitan Area Corporate Counsel Association (WMACCA). Benoit reviews the three key pieces of privacy legislation currently under consideration:

  • Senate Bill 1490, the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act
  • Senate Bill 139, the Data Breach Notification Act
  • House Bill 2221, the Data Accountability and Trust Act.

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